A fully-functional, pre-populated BioPharma launch planning tool

Easy to use and navigate

We have created a custom graphical menu interface that easily allows you to navigate to all of the different areas of LAUNCHxL, including Launch Plan Settings, individual Subteam Workplans, and various Reports.

Launch Plan Settings

A single place to manage all of the key variables and settings that are applied throughout the entire launch plan including milestone dates and subteam members.

Subteam Workplans

This is probably LAUNCHxL’s biggest value to clients.  The tool comes complete with a pre-populated launch plan capturing detailed action plans for 20 common subteams.  And, users have the flexibility to add additional subteams if required.

The populated subteam launch workplans include a strawman list of the most common launch deliverables teams typically will need/want to execute, as well as placeholder dates (customized to your launch date) for each deliverable.  In addition, subteams have full flexibility to add, edit and disable pre-populated deliverables in order to align completely with corporate plans and resources.

Whether you have limited launch experience and need a template to follow, or have lots of experience and can save time by leveraging our pre-populated deliverables, LAUNCHxL can be a huge asset towards your launch!


There are a total of six pre-defined reports built-in to LAUNCHxL, which can be exported into a standalone Excel document, making it easy to save and share it with others, and incorporate into management and executive presentations!