New Product Planning

Biopharmaceutical companies must remain focused on innovation  to continually drive value.  This is especially true in light of patent expiries and increased regulatory and payer scrutiny unique to our industry.  New product planning plays an integral role in driving strategies that ensure both clinical and commercial viability of developmental assets.

Our capabilities include:

  • Define target markets, customers, and assess the landscape

  • Prioritize opportunities and target disease-states for the asset

  • Define an overall strategy to focus investment and drive compelling differentiation in clinical data

  • Develop brand strategy and positioning

  • Plan the product launch

Launch Planning

Product launch is a seminal event in a product’s lifecycle.  In today’s complex biopharmaceutical market, launches are of paramount importance as overall launch success can be predicted very early following launch.  In addition, overall company success can be dictated by launches as stock prices are highly correlated with number and success of launches.  Firms only have one chance to get it right and need to ensure appropriate planning is in place.

Our capabilities include:

  • Market Assessment and Understanding

  • Commercial Go-to-Market Strategy Development

  • Tactical and Operational Plan Development

In-Line Brand Strategy and Planning

Multiple trends are impacting the biopharmacuetical industry including fewer blockbusters, widespread generics, and mounting pricing pressures.  Companies must aim to differentiate their brands in an increasingly competitive marketplace with many key stakeholders.  Brands need to develop strategies that reach all relevant customer groups.

Our capabilities include:

  • Conduct market and landscape assessment

  • Identify key drivers and barriers in the market

  • Determine stakeholder behaviors and objectives

  • Develop brand strategy and identify supporting tactics; revise through annual  brand plan updates

  • Determine resources required to implement brand strategy

KOL Engagement

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) continue to be a critical stakeholder.  They play a role in all stages of the product lifecycle, including consultants during the early phases, and advocates and educators post-approval.  Engaging KOLs has become increasingly difficult due to competition and more stringent communication guidelines placed by both the medical groups and regulators alike.  Companies need to develop innovative ways to reach this audience in today’s new compliance environment.

Our capabilities include:

  • Identify industry KOLs to help drive the brand’s success across the product lifecycle

  • Develop detailed engagement plans for each KOL, aligned towards overall brand strategy goals and desires of the participating physicians

  • Develop custom peer education programs with positive ROI

Market Intelligence

Knowledge is power, and having the right market intelligence will arm you with the insights to make successful decisions.  RxL has worked with biopharmaceutical companies plan to implement marketing research solutions across the product lifecycle. Our team of marketing research professionals brings together deep pharmaceutical marketing and healthcare experience with advanced market research and analytical proficiency, to deliver rich, actionable insights.

Our capabilities include:

  • Early stage market assessments

  • Positioning research

  • Awareness and usage tracking

  • Segmentation

  • Custom research

  • We utilize both qualitative and quantitative techniques to conduct marketing research

Sub-Contract Consulting

We understand the consulting business, and the challenges in ensuring the right level of staffing to support the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable project pipeline.  Our team regularly partners with small, medium and large consulting companies across North America to help fulfill short-term staffing needs  And, because we are seasoned consultants, we can integrate with your team to deliver quick and effective results.

Why RxL is the perfect solution:

  • We know your business, and your clients’ business too!

  • We are experienced and experts in the biopharma arena

  • We will make sure your projects are completed on time and with high  quality, while you focus on growing your business


Introducing LAUNCHxL, a fully-functional, customizable and pre-populated product launch roadmap and planner developed based on our experience conducting dozens of biopharma product launches in North America.

  • Pre-Populated:  LAUNCHxL a turn-key solution for your launch planning needs.  “Out of the box” the tool is ready to guide you through your launch, pre-populated with a detailed roadmap of activities and timelines for 20 common and needed functional areas, based on our team’s experience across dozens of biopharma product launches.

  • Customizable:  LAUNCHxL can be fully configured to match the intricacies and uniqueness of each product.  User inputs and fields (i.e., activities, timelines, budgets, people), reports, and administrative controls can be customized with simple clicks and keystrokes, while functionality and reporting capabilities remain updated seamlessly.

  • Packed with Reports:  LAUNCHxL’s reports provide users, launch teams, and corporate management the most relevant and useful status updates on the launch’s planning and progress.  The reports are customizable to allow for the right level of detail to be showcased based on users’ requirements.

  • Easy and Familiar:  LAUNCHxL is an Excel-based tool, ensuring launch teams have easy access to the software and are very familiar with the tool’s form and function, be it on a PC or MAC.